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Effective Behavioural Addiction Treatment at The Dawn

It is commonly recognised that alcohol addiction and drug addiction affect millions of individuals throughout the world. But many people are unaware of the millions of people who have what is known as behavioural addiction, or process addiction, which are behaviours or processes that a person becomes addicted to. Some of these addictions include food addiction, gambling addiction, internet addiction and sex addiction. Once you recognise the most common behavioural addictions, it is easy to see why treatment for process addiction has risen in the recent years and how behavioural addiction treatment in Thailand could help.

Even though people often assume that behavioural addictions could not have as severe negative effects as drug or alcohol addiction, this is not accurate information. All forms of addiction, regardless of whether they are behavioural or substance addictions, can be detrimental to the life of an addict and to those who care for them.

What is behavioural addiction?

Addiction is a major, chronic disease that can alter the way our brain’s reward system works. In terms of behavioural addictions, the activity or action that the addict engages in activates the reward function. After some time, the pleasure that the addict receives from the behaviour he is addicted to cannot be matched by any other activities.

What behavioural addiction treatments are available at The Dawn?

Addictive behaviours can occur in many forms, often characterised by the compulsive nature of the behaviour that is indicative of a behavioural addiction. Some common process addictions include food, gambling and sex addiction.

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Food addictionFood and sugar addiction occur when a person cannot control their personal food consumption, particularly those that are high in salt, sugar and/or fat, and reaches a point when it starts to have a negative impact on their life, such as relationship issues, poor health, and social seclusion.

Gambling addictionCompulsive gambling, or gambling addiction, describes the condition when an individual cannot stop gambling, even after their lives are negatively affected by their addiction. Some common negative consequences of this addition include destroyed relationships and extreme debt.

Sex addiction Sex addiction happens when a person increases the amount of time they spend thinking about and actively pursuing sexual encounters. Those who suffer from sex addiction ruin relationships, reduce school or work productivity, and experience varying negative effects due to sex and sexual thoughts.

Internet addiction – Internet addiction is defined by a compulsive and excessive use of the internet. The brain reward centre is activated at even the thought of being able to access the internet. This is often linked with the feeling of connection. 

What treatment methods are available for behavioural addiction treatment?

The Dawn is one of few rehab centres that is highly skilled and equipped when it comes to behavioural addictions. Our addiction treatment programme can help our clients to overcome any of the previously mentioned behavioural addictions. All of The Dawn’s treatment programmes are personalised to meet each client’s unique requirements, which we determine by conducting a qualitative assessment upon arrival.

We offer our original treatment method called the Twin Pillars approach, which has been designed to guarantee the optimal balance between rehabilitation, relaxation, work and wellness. It is a combination of Western and Eastern treatment methods and conducted by our team of experts who are committed to your successful recovery. Our first pillar is focused on rehabilitation, by giving our clients the necessary tools to overcome negative behaviour, including the world-famous 12 Steps and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Our second pillar involves our highly recognised wellness programme, which has been created to give our clients the mental fortitude and essential tools that are necessary for a positive future. Some of the essential components of our wellness programme include mindfulness and meditation, massage and spa therapy, physical exercise and proper nutrition.

What are the benefits of inpatient rehab for process addiction treatment?

Inpatient rehabilitation has many benefits for recovering addicts. When it comes to behavioural addictions, perhaps of the top benefits include the removal of all triggers and damaging influences – which makes it easier for our clients to focus on themselves without distraction. Inpatient treatment also offers around the clock onsite assistance and safe supervision to ensure that our clients are always taken care of.

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How The Dawn can help you overcome process addiction

The Dawn’s behavioural addiction treatment is highly personalised to suit your exact needs, using a humanistic, holistic and non-religious approach. We provide a licensed team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of addictions as well as a 1:1 staff to client ratio.

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