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Effective, Affordable Wellness Retreat & Addiction Rehab in Thailand

Conveniently located in picturesque Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, The Dawn is Asia’s leading addiction treatment centre and wellness retreat that promotes physical, mental and spiritual healing. At The Dawn, not only will you experience our world-class wellness treatment and rehabilitation services, but also the famous hospitality for which Thailand is renowned.

mindfulness meditation as part of our treatment methods at The Dawn

In addition to an intensive and personalised drug and alcohol treatment programme, clients will have plenty of time to enjoy an array of complimentary wellness activities and programmes such as fitness classes and massage treatments, all of which are fundamental to your overall health and wellbeing. Your time at The Dawn will allow you to focus on the steps you need to take in order to ensure you leave with a healthy mind, body and soul.

Why choose The Dawn Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Thailand?

The Dawn’s grounds and facilities are immaculately maintained and our client rooms are all luxuriously appointed, promoting a sense of openness, access and calm. In addition, the riverside location provides a number of peaceful spots for meditation, reflection and mindfulness.

A stay with us is sure to be a truly unique and life-changing experience. The Dawn’s all-inclusive addiction treatment and wellness programme combines:

massage therapy at The Dawn

Unique Addiction Therapy

The Dawn uses our own designer “Twin Pillars” approach as our primary method of treatment, which focuses on mindful counselling and holistic wellness therapies. We provide an effective combination of Eastern and Western methods to ensure that our clients get all the tools that they need to lead a happy and healthier life.

personalised care at The Dawn

Personalised Treatment

We understand that every person is unique and in need of personalised treatment, guidance and care. With this in mind, our dedicated counsellors aim to create a treatment plan that is suitable for each and every client and ensure that everyone receives the right balance between relaxation, work, rehabilitation and wellness.

group counselling as part of our treatment methods at The Dawn

Licensed Team of Professionals

We employ a licensed team of UK and USA-trained addiction professionals who have extensive experience in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. Many of our staff are also recovering addicts themselves so they are able to comprehend what you may be going through and help find the right treatment for you or your loved one.

medical support at The Dawn

Medical Support

Our dedicated and well-trained healthcare professionals are on call 24/7 to ensure that any medical needs are met during your stay with us. We also have a detoxification centre onsite for those who may require drug and/or alcohol detox.

mountain views at The Dawn


The Dawn offers high quality treatments at an affordable price, with our prices at a quarter of the price of many Western centres in Australia or the UK.

The Dawn's private accommodation

Private Rooms

All our guests will be accommodated in one of our thirty Lanna-style private rooms. With a resort like atmosphere, our clients are provided a wonderfully peaceful and beautiful sanctuary in which to relax and heal the mind, body and soul.

Thai food at The Dawn

Wholesome Diet

Diet is a key component to long-lasting physical health and healing. During your stay, you will be offered three meals per day by our professional onsite chefs. The menu consists of a wide variety of Thai and Western dishes. Throughout the day, you can also enjoy a range of other healthy snacks and refreshments such as smoothies and fresh fruits.

excursion at The Dawn - elephant rides

Weekly Outings

All our clients are encouraged to spend time outside and enjoy the stunning natural setting. Weekly excursions are offered to allow clients to experience the cultural beauty of nearby attractions in Chiang Mai. Outdoor activities include temple visits, bike riding through rice fields, elephant jungle sanctuary and many more.

special guest at The Dawn

Special Guests

The Dawn prides itself on the unique experiences delivered by our “special guests.” Each week the centre hosts individuals that are leaders in their respective field of expertise. This include Muay Thai champions, meditation experts, famous chefs and alternative medicine specialists.

Upset problem child sitting on play park playground bench concept for bullying, depression, child protection or loneliness

Specialist Trauma Treatment

The Dawn provides highly specialised trauma treatment for both addicts and non-addicts using the EMDR technique delivered by our certified therapists. EMDR is a very effective and fast-acting psychotherapy that enables people to heal from trauma caused by disturbing life experiences.

Closeup portrait of intellectual woman healthcare personnel with white labcoat, looking at full body x-ray radiographic image, ct scan, mri, isolated hospital clinic background. Radiology department

Cutting Edge Technologies

We offer the most effective treatments for addiction and co-occurring conditions like anxiety and trauma. We work with one of Chiang Mai’s top hospitals to offer TMS therapy. TMS is a non-invasive technology that stimulates nerve cells in the brain to relieve symptoms of depression and improve mood.

Yoga concept. hand woman practicing lotus pose on the beach at sunset

Holistic Treatment

The Dawn is committed to treating mind, body and soul to ensure our clients experience a profound healing while learning the tools they need to maintain recovery.  Our programme incorporates mindfulness, yoga and meditation alongside physical activities, good nutrition and relaxing massage therapy.

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