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Our clients come from a diverse range of demographic backgrounds, each with different life experiences and cognitive skills, and therefore require different sets of approaches to treatment. The Dawn strives to deliver the most effective and highly-tailored addiction treatment programme suitable for each individual’s specific needs, so that they are better equipped with the tools necessary for their journey to recovery. Below are some of the testimonials from our former clients and their family members, highlighting their personal experiences at The Dawn and how their lives have changed forever.

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I had been sober for 10 months but recently relapsed 3 weeks prior to coming to The Dawn. Upon my arrival I was greeted at the airport by 2 members of staff who made me feel comfortable and relaxed and could even share a laugh whilst travelling to the centre. As I could only stay at The Dawn for 2 weeks due to work commitments back home, the counsellor I worked with created an individualised programme for me to assist my needs which involved a relapse prevention programme.


What I like about The Dawn was not only the counselling therapy and holistic therapies on offer but that I was not treat like a child and had freedom and opportunities to go offsite with members of staff and other clients. I could attend AA meetings and we would go for meals outside of the centre which made me feel part of society. The whole programme is intense but relaxed. I even tried meditation for the first time which was good, let’s just say I definitely need more practice.


The overall experience I would say was inspiring and the staff made me feel as a part of the family and were supportive throughout. Thank you to you all for guiding me back onto the path of recovery. I will hopefully come back and visit you all next year (not as a client but a visitor lol).



Before coming to The Dawn I was a complete mess and felt broken inside, I had just broken up with my girlfriend and was not allowed access to see my child. I thought my life was over and even thought of suicide on some occasions. I was suffering with depression and very scared about spending 28 days in a treatment centre far away from home. When I arrived at The Dawn I was greeted by the director and support team who shook my hand and said “you are going to be alright” I will never forget the guy saying that and I went on to build a good relationship with him through my time at The Dawn.


I remember waking up on my first day and having a healthy breakfast before taking part in Yoga before my first ever counselling session. I didn’t know what to expect throughout my time at The Dawn because it was all new to me, but I just listened to what everyone suggested to me and attended everything on offer. My first week was difficult due to sleepless nights and anxiety attacks during the night, but I’m so thankful to the support night staff for being there when I needed them and I will miss the 2am chats.


My time at The Dawn was an eye opener and taught me to stop running away from my problems and learn new ways how to deal with problems. I learned so much about myself and I can say that in such a short time in rehab, my confidence has increased and I have found a purpose in my life. I realise now I need to take responsibility for my life and that I’m never alone. My overall experience at The Dawn was amazing and cannot thank everyone enough, for being there for me and providing good food, physical exercise, group sessions and counselling sessions. I will miss riding elephants as it was just a great experience but will miss the other clients and staff.


Thank you and god bless,



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client testimonials

To All the lovely and wonderful friends and staff at The Dawn,


Our son has just attended The Dawn and we would just like to say a huge thank you for all the effort and time that they gave to him. The Dawn is first-class, the treatment is outstanding, and the people involved are just amazing. We have noticed a considerable change in our sone since he came out and we know that he will use the tools that they gave him to good use in his future. He has emerged more independent than I have ever seen him before and am immensely proud of what he has achieved with the help of these wonderful guys. I am sure he has made some lifelong friends along the way, and I know that I will always be there for him should he need it in the future.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


M and S

Dear The Dawn Rehab,


As a patient resident at The Dawn Rehab, I was very impressed with the personalised service, the great food, and the luxury accommodations. The Dawn has its own internal medical services, not outsourced to a hospital as in other rehabs, and the doctor is excellent. The location along the banks of the Ping River is serene. Also, The Dawn strikes a nice balance between medical support and mindfulness training and other approaches to wellness. It is destined to be a world-class place for innovative mindfulness-based cognitive training.



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Incredible Wellness. I have been in residence at The Dawn Rehab, and have had amazing results after several weeks. I plan to extend my stay. My private room and villa are very comfortable. I feel safe, secure, and enjoy walking the tropical gardens daily. Highly recommend, I especially enjoy the fresh food, yoga, meditation, and program tailored to my specific needs. The staff and team are very professional and sincerely care about my recovery.



I stayed at The Dawn for almost a month, from New Year’s Day 2017, until the end of January. The place was wonderful, the food incredible, and the staff was very kind and supportive. I’d struggled with alcoholism for my entire adult life, and this was the first step to my recovery. I’m 6 months sober now.



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