Avoid Relapse with The Dawn’s Special Revitalising Programme

Prevent Relapse with The Dawn’s Unique Revitalising Programme

A relapse describes a series of events and activities that cause a recovering addict to go back to substance abuse. Rehabilitation programmes teach various coping skills, which are designed to prevent and interrupt these events from occurring, and are a vital part of staying sober. However, despite the use of these tools, many recovering addicts still end up relapsing – which is why The Dawn’s special revitalising programme was created.

The Dawn Medical Rehab and Wellness Centre provides high-quality addiction treatment and wellness programmes at an affordable cost. Situated in the charming city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, The Dawn is quickly becoming a rising star in inpatient treatment with a comprehensive approach to treatment and rehabilitation. Clients can be sure that they are receiving the best treatment possible and are being taken care of by the finest – thanks to The Dawn’s licensed team of addiction professionals who have extensive experience in their fields.

What is the relapse process?

It is important to understand the relapse process in order to notice the signs before it is too late. Relapse actually starts weeks, if not months, prior to the physical relapse event. The three consecutive stages of relapse are emotional relapse, mental relapse and physical relapse.

During emotional relapse, you are not actually considering using but your behaviour and emotions may be leading to potential relapse. Mental relapse describes a mental battle where you are torn between wanting to and not wanting to use. If either of the two previously mentioned stages are not properly dealt with then physical relapse will occur.

revitalising programme at The Dawn Rehab

Who would benefit from the revitalising programme?

The Dawn’s revitalising programme is designed for recovering addicts who have previously been in rehab yet find they are having a hard time staying sober, and are on the verge of relapsing. Those who would benefit from this course already have the skills and knowledge surrounding addiction, but are in need of moral support and an extra boost to help them through a difficult and frustrating time. This one-of- a-kind course aims to revive our clients by giving them the mental fortitude and physical strength that they need to power through and stay on the path to recovery.

What is involved in the revitalising programme?

The revitalising programme is a unique 2-week residential course that helps our clients achieve the physical and mental strength that they need to avoid relapse. Those who join this programme will receive the benefits of The Dawn’s wellness programme, which is an important part of our initial addiction programmes. However, this course is distinct from our other addiction programmes since it focuses on helping people who are already familiar with the addiction recovery process and does not involve detox. We also offer one individual counselling session per week.

The Dawn’s wellness programme has been specifically created to develop our client’s mental strength and give them the right tools that are required to enhance their lives. It is a mixture of several vital elements such as mindfulness and meditation, physical exercise, healthy diet, and spa and massage therapy.

What are the benefits of a residential programme?

There are several benefits to staying at The Dawn during the revitalising programme. This course offers a safe and effective way to avoid relapse and allows you to focus all of your attention on yourself.  Other benefits of a residential programme include:

  • Removed triggers
  • Around the clock assistance
  • Wholesome nutrition and healthy eating options
  • Professional support

Why should I choose The Dawn Rehab Thailand?

The Dawn’s luxury accommodation provides a sanctuary that is ideal for overcoming signs of potential relapse. You will be able to get the escape that you need to regain strength and clarity whilst receiving guidance from our licensed team of addiction professionals. All of our programmes are highly customised, even down to food choices, which is why our clients can be confident that their exact needs will be met throughout their stay.  

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