Admission Process

Admission Process


With decades of combined experience, our staff understands that substance addiction and mental health issues can be stressful and challenging for all parties involved. In response, our staff follows a simple yet robust procedure to make the admission process quick, efficient and stress-free.

Initial Contact


The admission process begins the moment our dedicated and professional staff receives an email or phone call from either the client or a family member. During this confidential conversation, our admissions officer will ascertain the client’s history and their personal details. Our friendly staff will then proceed to provide you with an overview of The Dawn, the services we offer and our holistic treatment programmes. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have.

Telephone Follow-up and Preliminary Assessment


Following up from your initial contact with The Dawn, one of our staff members will contact you to further discuss your substance abuse history and medical issues. As always, The Dawn will treat all information provided with the strictest confidence.



Our payment policy requires a 50% deposit prior to arrival and clients are expected to settle their account in full within one week of treatment commencement date. The payment can be made via credit card or bank transfer.

Travel Arrangement


Our experienced staff is ready to assist with all elements of your travel to Thailand including flight bookings, visa support and airport transfers. Our clients come from all over the globe so no issue is too big or too small.

Prerequisites for Admission


All clients at The Dawn are required to be of sound body and mind and able to participate in all activities offered. In addition, clients must abide by the rules and regulations of the centre and follow their personalised treatment plan. If possible, our clients are advised to send their complete medical history prior to arrival.

Health Check


All clients will receive a comprehensive medical check-up during the first few days at our onsite medical centre.

Arrival in Thailand


Upon arrival you will be greeted by one of The Dawn’s friendly staff and transported by our private vehicle to our picturesque and secluded location. After a short rest, one of our staff will sit with you and conduct a detailed clinical and medical assessment. This information will be used to identify any co-occurring disorders and help develop your individual treatment plan.

Rules and Regulations


The Dawn is designed as a place of treatment, regeneration, personal development and inspiration. Clients are expected to abide by the general rules of ethos of the centre so that everyone can continue to heal emotionally and physically, and ensure their best chance of recovery. Our policies require that:

All clients participate in and actively engage in the centre’s daily activities to the best of their ability

All clients must adhere to the rules stipulated by the centre’s staff and our written guidelines

All clients must show commitment and be willing to actively work towards their individual treatment plans

Contact Us


The Dawn’s admission process is carried out completely hassle-free. Contact us today for a no obligation assessment or check our our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.