Our Team

The Dawn Addiction Rehab and Wellness Centre is staffed with some of Asia’s most renowned treatment counsellors and healthcare professionals. The majority of our team is trained abroad, having studied and graduated from institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. Each member of our team is licensed in his or her respective field of expertise and has decades of combined experience in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Our team also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to process addictions such as overeating, gambling and sex.

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At The Dawn, we consider each of our staff members as integral part to your success and personal well-being. We ensure that the medical and support staff are available 24/7 to assist in making your stay comfortable and fruitful. Our large team of addiction professionals and medical specialists includes psychologists, psychiatrists, nursing staff, social workers and other healthcare professionals. We are committed to our clients’ personal development and success by maintaining a low client-to- staff ratio, allowing our professionals to fully engage in providing personal support and guidance to each and every client.


Mr. Rory Magee

Director of Clinical Services

(BSc (Hons) MSc (London) Adv Dip Psych Coun. (Metanoia Institute UK) EMDR Singapore CSAT III Asia)

Mr. Tony Tan

Clinical Manager


The Dawn's Team - Camila ChassotHayter

Ms. Camila ChassotHayter


Mr. Stephen young


Ms. Naranchaya Sriburapar

Clinical Psychologist

(Clinical Psychologist)

Lelani Walters

Clinical Psychologist

(Clinical Psychologist EMDR I & II Certified)

Mr. Dylan Kerr

Addictions Counselor

HeDip Healthcare (Birmingham)
HeDip Psychology of Addiction (Leeds)
Dip Counselling (Northampton)

Special Guests

Dr.Pornpinundh Sivawatthanaroj

Dr. Pornpinundh Sivawatthanaroj

Alternative Medicine Specialist

Mr. Berlerk Pinsinchai

Mr. Berlerk Pinsinchai

2 Times Muay Thai National Champion

Mr. Anond Kongsiri

Thai Celebrity Chef

Tom Radzienda

Mr. Tom Radzienda

Meditation and Reiki Master

Support Staff

Mr. Athiporn Poolsawaddi

Center Director

Mr. Stephen Atkinson

Operation Manager

Mr. Paul Ciudiskis

Support Staff

Mr. Shane Furlong

Support Staff

Medical Staff

Dr. Suttipan Takkapaijit

Consult Clinical Psychiatrist and Medical Detox Specialist

Dr. Rattnasak Roengtham

Clinical Psychiatrist and Medical Detox Specialist M.D.

Mrs. Walaiporn Suwannaboon

Psychiatric Nurse

Ms. Thopat Thanawuthichaikul


Wellness Staff

Ms. Suwannee Pullsawad

Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness Teacher

Ms. Nuttapat Chaipunyapat

Yoga Instructor

Mr. Jitkla Jittakul


Ms. SupaphunSurintaramon

Spa Manager and Masseuse

Massage Therapist

Mr. Peeraphon Laiwarin

Head Chef/ Nutritionist

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