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Referring a Client to The Dawn Addiction Rehab & Wellness Centre

The Dawn is a comprehensive addiction rehab and wellness centre based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As an international medical institution, we are looking to expand our reach by partnering up with private practitioners and organisations, who are willing to do one or more of the following: 

Provide post-treatment support

When our clients finish the residential treatment at The Dawn, many will go back to their countries. To provide an ongoing care and support, we offer an eight-week online consultation to help our clients stay on the right track. However, in more serious cases, clients may require additional counselling sessions from a counsellor or a psychologist back in their home. In this case, The Dawn would like to refer these clients to a local practitioner, who can work with our clients more closely and regularly. 

refer a client

Why refer a client to The Dawn

The Dawn is staffed with highly trained professionals and our treatment programmes are designed to treat all kinds of addictions, as well as mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, burnout and so on. Outpatient treatment can be effective for many people, however, some clients may require an intensive care with round-the-clock medical support. This is where The Dawn comes in.

We can tailor the treatment programme to suit each client’s needs and are flexible in the way we work with our partners abroad. Always putting the client at the centre of the referral pathway, we will ensure that our clients receive the very best of care, from the first point of initial contact right through to the treatment process and beyond.

Healthcare professionals, physicians or case managers may refer patients with addictions or mental health issues to The Dawn any day of the year. Upon referral, our nurse will ask for personal and specific information regarding the patient’s existing and pre-existing illnesses, injuries and other important personal and health related information. The process is completely confidential and fairly easy to do.

The consult nurse and rehabilitation physician will examine the patient’s medical history in order to determine if they meet the admission criteria. The rehab unit must obtain all medical records from the referring hospital to proceed. The consult nurse will act as the primary contact person and notify the referral source regarding the admission decision.

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