The Dawn
Addiction Rehab and Wellness Centre

One of Asia’s finest addiction rehab and wellness centre, The Dawn rehab Thailand is a rising star in effective inpatient addiction treatment
and holistic wellness sanctuary. Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, The Dawn boasts a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility with immaculate grounds and buildings. The campus is a quiet and peaceful sanctuary that provides an ideal setting for our clients to heal and recover. We offer holistic and comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment options. Using our proven
Twin Pillars approach, our centre skillfully balances wellness and rehabilitation services.

In addition to our drug and alcohol treatment options, we also provide superior patient care for behavioural addictions, such as sex,  food, internet and gambling addictions, and an integrated treatment for dual diagnosis like anxiety and depression that often accompany the addiction disorders. We also offer an executive wellness programme where we focus on treating a variety of mental issues, such as executive burnout, mood disorders and sleep disorders.

Why You Should Choose The Dawn Rehab Thailand

The Dawn is an ideal addiction rehab centre for many reasons. Our licensed team of addiction professionals have extensive experience when it comes to dealing with addictions and mental health issues, and we provide an impressive 1:1 staff to client ratio. The Dawn offers a non-religious and holistic approach through all of our programmes. Our highly-personalised and intensive addiction treatment and mental health programmes are customised to suit each of our client’s specific needs and include complimentary therapies such as acupuncture, massage and reiki, as well as excursions and other fun activities.


At The Dawn rehab Thailand, we believe that everyone should be able to afford the treatment that they need, which is why we offer affordable high-quality treatments that cost only a quarter of the price of Western centres. We even provide online aftercare support at no additional cost. Our clients can enjoy private accommodation in world-class, riverside-setting facilities without worrying about hidden extra charges thanks to our all-inclusive fees.  


Our Treatment

One of Thailand’s most reputable and well-respected addiction rehab centers, The Dawn takes a holistic approach towards drug and alcohol treatment. Our unique “Twin Pillars Approach” balances both rehabilitation and wellness and has a proven track record of success.

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Facilities and Accommodation


The Dawn’s residential addiction rehab centre boasts luxury accommodation, tranquil grounds and world-class facilities – all perfectly nestled in the foothills of picturesque Chiang Mai.




The Dawn offers clients some of Asia’s most spectacular landscapes and cultural attractions right on their doorstep. Whether it’s mountaintop temples, quaint coffee shops, inspiring elephant parks or adventurous white water rafting that you’re after – Chiang Mai has it all.

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Addiction disorders and mental health issues can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. The Dawn strive to make the admission process as quick and efficient as possible. Our friendly staff is available to assist you during every stage of the process.




The Dawn – A new way to live, A new day to start